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The main problem is over watering. If you over water the Adeniums you can cause root rot. However, if you use the correct soil this is not a problem because it will drain quickly. Adeniums like good watering but they do not like to sit in water! The main thing it to let the desert rose, Adenium soil mostly dry out between watering.

In the spring and summer put your Adenium outdoors and sit it among the other plants. It's heat tolerant plants and like a lot of sun.

The potting mix must provide excellent drainage and aeration.

Adeniums need ample root-space for rapid growth. Plant should be repotted frequently until it attain their desired size. Select a pot size that leaves 2 to 3 inches of free space around the roots unless you want to keep the plant from growing in size. One of our favourite types of pots are bonsai.

Handle Adenium with care - its sap is toxic. Keep it away from children and pets.

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Plants Encyclopdias
Plants Encyclopdias
Name: Desert Rose
Latin: Adenium
Origin: Africa
Plant height: 100 - 500 cm
Reproduction: #Stems
Difficulty level: #Medium
Tags: #Africa #Adenium

Desert Rose
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