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To create humid conditions around your Nephrolepis fern, fill a shallow tray with sand, gravel or pebbles, and stand the fern in its container on the tray. Add water to the tray. As the water evaporates, it increases the humidity in the air around the plant. Add more water to the tray whenever it dries out.

Mature leaves on indoor and outdoor Nephrolepis ferns naturally die back in fall and winter, and pruning the dead leaves keeps the plant looking tidy. You may want to rotate the Nephrolepis to encourage even growth of the fronds.

Only repot if you are happy for the Nephrolepis to grow bigger and even then, only when the roots have filled the existing pot. Take extra care to keep the fern at the same soil level it sat at before, it's really important not to bury the crown as this will lead to crown rot and the eventual death of the plant.

Due to the Nephrolepis sensitive nature of chemicals avoid leaf shine products. If you want to wash off any accumulated dust, pop it into the shower for a few minutes.

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Plants Encyclopdias
Plants Encyclopdias
Name: Lemon Button Fern
Latin: Nephrolepis cordifolia
Origin: Asia
Plant height: 50 - 200 cm
Reproduction: #Division
Difficulty level: #Medium
Tags: #Asia #Nephrolepiscordifolia

Lemon Button Fern
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