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Hippeastrum bulbs can be induced to rebloom yearly by mimicking the conditions in its natural environment (cool dry winters). When foliage starts to yellow, dormancy can be induced by withholding water and placing the plant in a cool 4–13 °C (39–55 °F) dark place for six to ten weeks or until buds start to show.

Blooming takes place about two months after planting. The Hippeastrum's leaves should continue to grow after the flowers have faded. Summering outdoors in four or five hours of direct sunlight, plus fertilizing lightly as the season progresses, will help develop buds for the next year.

Many Hippeastrum will bloom year after year provided they are given a dormant period in a cool, dark place for two months without water or fertilizer although some bulbs will start growing before the two-month period is up.

After planting Hippeastrum, sprouting requires a warm place (about 68 F/20 °C). Bulbs need light watering until the leaves and buds emerge, and need to be situated in a well-lit, cool place and watered as needed to maintain moderate soil moisture. Overwatering will cause bulb and root rot.

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Plants Encyclopdias
Plants Encyclopdias
Name: Red Нippeastrum
Latin: Нippeastrum striatum
Origin: South America
Plant height: 30 - 60 cm
Reproduction: #Seeds
Difficulty level: #Pro
Tags: #SouthAmerica #ippeastrumstriatum

Red Нippeastrum
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