7 Infographics That’ll Teach You Everything About Growing An Indoor Herb Garden

Want to grow an Indoor Herb Garden? Learn everything you need to know in these 7 INFOGRAPHICS that’ll teach you everything about growing herbs indoors.
Growing an indoor herb garden is the best way to grow your own herbs if you don’t have space outdoors.
1. Growing Herbs From Seeds

Starting herb seeds successfully either indoor or outdoor requires a number of things including ample light, quality growing medium, moisture, the right temperature, air circulation, and the MOST important thing– lots of patience. Save and use the infographic given above to learn how to start herb seeds.

2. Herb Planting Tips

Use this infographic to learn about a few basic herb planting tips.

3. How To Grow Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

Source: Chadwicks
If you live in an apartment the best way to always have fresh herbs is to make your very own indoor herb garden or if you have a balcony you can create a Balcony Herb Garden. Also, Chadwicks have put together this perfect infographic to help you successfully grow your own indoor herb garden.

4. Light Requirements Of Indoor Herbs

Source: The Growers Exchange
Check out this comprehensive infographic on light requirements of indoor herbs. This infographic will help you ensure that your indoor herbs are receiving proper amount of light so that you’ll get bountiful and flavourful harvest.

5. Easiest Herbs To Grow Indoors

Source: Desima
If you are just beginning with indoor herb gardening it is worth to grow easiest herbs first to ensure successful harvest. This great infographic will help you in choosing the easiest herbs to grow.

6. Guide To Flavoring With Herbs

Source: Cooksmarts
This infographic is about storing and using herbs in cooking. To help you get cooking with herbs and learn how to keep them fresh, take help of this infographic. It will tell you all about herbs and their flavors, when to use fresh herbs and dried herbs and how to properly store them so that they’ll last longer.

7. How To Create A Windowsill Herb Garden

Source: TheTruthAboutCancer
This inforgraphic is about the herbs you can grow on the windowsill, to learn more you can read our guide on Windowsill Herb Gardening.
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