11 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

Starting an indoor herb garden? Find out 11 best herbs to grow indoors. These are easiest to grow and require less care.

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in Less Sun

1. Lemongrass

This herb grows wild in tropics and becomes easiest indoor herb, you can also grow it in temperate climates. It requires slightly moist soil and partial sun, and it can even adjust itself in a small container.

2. Mint

In the garden, mint becomes very invasive and grows like a weed. It doesn’t require plenty of sun too. You can even keep your potted mint plant in a spot that receives bright indirect sun.

3. Parsley

Germinate parsley from seeds, seedlings may sprout up late, sometimes in a month. But once grown, parsley requires minimal attention. Grow it in a medium-large pot and keep that in a spot that receives part sun. In a moderate room temperature, you can grow it year round. Just propagate new plants time to time from cuttings and it will last forever in your indoor herb garden.

4. Chives

Herbs that require less sunlight and moist soil in order to thrive are most suitable for growing indoors. Chives doesn’t require a sunny spot. Just place the pot near a bright window facing east. You can multiply chives from an already established plant by division.

5. Garden Cress

You can grow this cool season annual indoors easily. Plant seeds in a shallow but wide containers and keep the pot on a windowsill that receives partial sun. Soil should be moist, for regular harvest of cress micro greens, plant seeds in interval of every two weeks. You can cut and harvest the garden cress 3-4 times. If there is no sun, you can grow it under fluorescent lamps and T5 fluorescent plant lights.

6. Catnip

Growing catnip indoors is hard if you have cats. Apart from that, it is one of the easiest herbs. Once you germinate seeds, you can grow it forever from cuttings. Place the pot on a sunny windowsill and keep it well watered.

7. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm grows year round in warmer zones. Some gardeners even consider it a weed. Growing lemon balm indoors is super easy if you can provide it an exposure to 4 hours of sunlight daily. When growing indoors, water the plant only when top soil is dry.

8. Chervil

Chervil is one of the herbs you can grow indoors smoothly. A room temperature around 60-70 F is optimum for it. It can also adapt to low light conditions.
Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in More Sun9. Dill

The secret of growing dill successfully in a container is to grow it in a deep one. A minimum 10 inches deep container is required. For growing dill indoors keep it in a spot that receives at least 5 hours of sunlight daily, provide good air circulation and water it only when top 1 inch surface of potting soil seems dry.

9. Cilantro

Image Credit: Gardening Know How
Cilantro is extremely easy to germinate but hard to maintain in containers. The trick is to grow cilantro in a deep container. It bolts quickly so it is better to plant seeds time to time. Keep cilantro in the south or west facing window.

10. Sage

Grow sage indoors only if you have a South or West facing window that receives plenty of sun. This perennial herb takes a lot of time to get established when grown from seeds so it is better to take a tip cutting and propagate it.

11. Thyme

Thyme can adjust itself to partial sun and if you can provide 5 hours of sunlight daily, growing thyme indoors is possible.
A few more herbs you can grow indoors on a sunny windowsillOreganoRosemaryTarragonBasil
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