Insanely Cool Herb Garden Container Ideas


I love having fresh herbs at my fingertips, without having to trek all the way through the garden for a few sprigs of basil. (Not that I don’t love an excuse to trek through the garden!) But having a container garden full of fresh herbs makes it a lot more likely that you will actually use them. And now that I finally have Steve softening on the idea of basil, I want a kitchen herb garden! We found these insanely cool herb garden container ideas, and I can’t wait to use one of them. In fact, I have my eye on one of these projects for some container veggies too! Our feature project above, is from Summer at ‘Simple Stylings’. Can I just say I LOVE this DIY paint can herb garden! I have a stretch of house siding like this right outside my backdoor, and I’ve been looking for a way to accent it so it isn’t so boring. Now I can have herbs close by too! BTW, if you don’t have paint cans, you can buy empty new ones at home Depot…

Michael from ‘Inspired by Charm’ created this DIY chicken feeder herb garden. I love the idea of repurposing things from times gone past… History belongs in a garden, especially farm history. Check out all the photos on how he made this!

From ‘Design Sponge’, this filing cabinet planter is a touch of modern genius! I think the trick would be to find a cabinet that has a flat bottom, and no major dents. And to use a really cool color. And wheels. They planted this with succulents, but I think I would mix herbs and even some small veggies in this! Step by step photos!

From ‘Ikeahackers’, this Bjuron herb garden is really simple… Two boards, five Ikea planters and some hardware! Very simple tutorial.

From ‘Remodelista‘, these vintage planters are from the shop ‘Love the Design‘ in Toronto. These are just mounted as a collage to the entry wall of their shop!

Our very own DIY cinder block planter would look amazing with herbs planted in it! (We do have a little lavender in there in front!)

‘Young House Love’ shows us how to make an herb garden in a metal tub. Make sure you don’t leave a metal container in an area of hot sun without adequate water!

From Carrie at ‘Making Lemonade’, this DIY trellis planter is another touch of Ikea brilliance! She uses those little pots with hooks that you find in their utensil storage systems, and hangs them on an ordinary trellis. Instant herb garden! This is part of a post on making a Mommy oasis, so definitely read on through!

Want to get simpler? This trough herb garden by ‘Pottery Barn‘ could be DIY’ed by picking up a cool wooden container at a thrift or antique store, and lining it with plastic using a staple gun. Or just insert pots with saucers. Voila!

Make a raised bed garden on wheels, from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘. They made this project using plans from ‘Sunset‘. I love the ideas of the wheels… not only can you move things around easily, you can move plants into sunnier or shadier conditions, based on their needs.

Lastly, this galvanized pot idea comes from ‘Popsugar‘, through photos they took at the San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase in 2010. I like these because they are tall and deep for good root growth, but don’t take up too much of a footprint… perfect for patio or balcony gardens!

Do you prefer to grow your herbs in the ground, or in containers? Why? Share in comments!
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