7 Best Tea Bag Uses In Garden

Before you toss another tea bag, must check out this post! Tea bags are not just for brewing tea, there are so many TEA BAG USES in the garden that can be useful.Tea leaves contain around 4.15 percent nitrogen and other nutritions that nourish the soil. Tea leaves also improve soil structure and increase the drainage. Also, the tannic acid in tea leaves can mildly change and lower your soil pH, just like used coffee grounds.

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1. Composting

Probably the simplest use of used tea bags. Tea bags are great to add to compost because they add nitrogen to the compost and also attract good bacterias. But before you toss your used tea bags into the compost pile, make sure they are not made up of plastic. If they are of plastic, slit open the bag and use tea leaves for composting.

2. Repel Pests
If you are looking for an organic way to repel pests, your used tea bags can help you. Simply brew a weak tea with old bags and use it to water your plants and also sprinkle on leaves. It is really a great organic way to deter pests and fungal diseases and also provide plants some nutritions in doing so.

3. Plant Food

Make your plants lush and happy with used tea leaves. Just tear open some tea bags and disperse the contents around the plants. Tea leaves will nourish your plants every time you water by increasing nitrogen levels, improving soil structure and giving earthworms something delicious to eat.

4. Feed your Acid-Loving Houseplants
Ferns and many other houseplants prefer acidic soil. Fertilize your acid-loving houseplants with used tea bags. Open up the tea bags and work used tea leaves into the soil in their pots. It will slightly lower the pH level and also provide your plants with some nutritions and minerals.

5. Speed up Composting

Brew a strong tea with used tea bags and after it had cooled down, pour the liquid and tea bags over your compost heap. It will speed up the composting process as tea leaves contain nitrogen and also make your compost acid rich slightly.

6. Natural Fertilizer for Potted Plants
Just brew a weak tea with used tea bags and substitute watering with it. Brewed tea leaves make a fabulous liquid fertilizer as they contain high levels of minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients that help plants to grow.

7. Give Roses a Boost

Roses love tea leaves. Slit open the used tea bags and sprinkle tea leaves around your roses to give them a boost.

Remember Roses love the tannic acid that occurs naturally in tea
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