Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Basket: Vertical Gardening

Learn growing tomatoes in hanging basket if you have a balcony garden, this way they’ll not take much space.

Tomatoes require lot of space to grow and if you have a small garden, growing them in hanging basket is an apt way to use vertical space, plus they adapt easily unlike other vegetables.
Juicy, plump, small, big, round and colorful tomatoes are one of the most favorite crops, whether you have a garden or not you can grow them in hanging baskets.

Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets
Your success in growing tomatoes depends on three factors— yours choosing right variety, basket and providing it appropriate conditions, if you satisfy all of the three, you’ll get rich home grown tomatoes in harvesting season.

Choosing Right Tomato Variety
You can’t grow regular tomato plants. Varieties of cherry tomatoes do well in hanging baskets— ‘hundreds and thousands’ (UK variety) is highly productive and its mini tomatoes taste great, plant grows bush like and spread well. Other varieties like Tumbling Tom (both red and yellow) provides classic tomato taste and most recommended, whereas deep red Maskotka gives juicy flavor and fruit heavily.

Choosing a Basket
Take a *deep basket of diameter 12” as these varieties don’t need bigger pots. Line your basket with plastic or coconut fiber liners. However, it’s better to line it with plastic. For this, make some drainage holes in plastic and place it inside the basket, make sure to spread it properly. As hanging baskets dry out quickly, lining them helps to keep the moisture in soil.

Check out this self watering hanging basket on amazon. Its unique wick system draws the moisture up into the soil, allowing the plant to feed at its’ own rate. The best thing is, it is of only $14.7.
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