How To Start A Unique Urban Garden To Grow Lots Of Plants In So Less Space

To start an urban garden, you need the right tools, ideas, and some inspiration. This post is all about that!

Do you want to start a small urban garden? Do you have enough space for planting? What if the landlord doesn’t want to have a garden in the compound? Some things like space and time should not stop you from starting a garden.

1.# Grow vegetables that are most productive and take less space.

Vegetables that are productive, for example, beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc. are the most suitable for urban gardeners. Other vegetables like spinach, lettuce, carrots take less space and productive too, this way you can grow more plants and have abundant harvest. To help you, we already published a list of the most productive container vegetables, must take a look!

2.# Window farming is an excellent option

Window farms can help you to have healthy food choices in the urban area in any home facing the issue of lack of space for planting. This can be done on any door. It allows the plants to use the natural light, organic soil and of course this is the best use of your space. The water that is spiced with nutrients is pumped at the base and trickles down from each bottle. This ensures that the plant roots are well watered. The nutrients and water that are not absorbed collect in the reservoir and are pumped again. You can also DIY a window farm, click here to get the PDF of it. Here’s one more link you need to click.

3. #Windowsill Gardening can’t be missed out

If you find window farming complicated, try growing a windowsill garden. We have already posted about 11 Vegetables to grow on a windowsill. Also, if you like, create a Windowsill Herb Garden.

4. #Vertical Gardening helps you to create more space

Opt for vertical gardening if you have a balcony, a small patio, rooftop or even an open window that is sunny. Vertical gardening helps in creating more space, and you can apply this technique either outdoors or indoors.

You can take inspiration from these Vertical Gardening Ideas! Also look at these 16 genius vertical garden ideas, they will help you a lot.

5. #Don’t overlook this PVC pipe garden idea

If you crave greenery but have no space, this idea is all you need! This unique but easy to DIY pipe garden is an excellent way to grow flowers and veggies in less space. For this you will need a PVC pipe, potting mix, plants (of course), and optionally drip irrigation pipeline. Here is the full tutorial.

6. #Use Stacked Planters

Stacked planters will create more area for growing plants. Great idea for growing herbs and leafy greens. To help you here is the step by step DIY post to create this planter.

When using the containers to grow your vegetables and herbs, apply these ideas, and you’ll increase your growing space.
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