Patio and Balcony Planter Ideas

These Patio and Balcony planter ideas are to show you how to choose right planters as growing a garden on a small patio or balcony is rather difficult due to lack of space.The effect of the planters in a garden can be bewitching if you choose them according to the surroundings and the plants you’re growing in them. Whether you use ceramic planters, wooden, metal or plastic, the main thing is that the plants planted in them should not only look beautiful but also get the right conditions for growth.
Use railing planter on your balcony or terrace garden to make use of unused outside space. Annuals are perfect plants to grow in these planters.
Use colorful bowl as planter to give your patio a unique touch. Flowers like pansies, petunias and snapdragons that release mild fragrance are look great in these planters.
Not only the plants you grow but the planters you use also create an astonishing effect, give them similar importance.
Ceramic planters looks wonderful and comes in large sizes, you can grow large plants in them as they are heavy and don’t topple down. Make use of them to create a lavish look in your garden. *Don’t use very large ceramic planters on your balcony as they weigh more.
Bright and colorful plastic planters of different sizes and shapes are in fashion, create vivacious look using them, other benefit of plastic planters is they are easy to move and moisture loving plants grow well in them.
Use tall and trendy furniture planters. They are lightweight and durable and come in myriads of designs, if you’re a gardener who often run pell-mell and break lot pots then these planters are for you.
Rustic looking clay pots can be used in making of a rustic garden. If you’re one of those gardeners who almost always overwater their plants then use clay pots, they are porous and allows excess water to seep out of them and maintain good air circulation.
Choosing the color of pot is as important as choosing the color of flowers to grow in your garden. If you live in cold climate, grey and black colored planters are useful for you as they remain warmer than bright colored pots. If you live in hot tropical region, choose white, beige and other light colored planters.
Choose color and design of pot according to the theme of your garden. This is an example how fancy planters can add charm in the look of plants.
No other material can beat the class of wooden planters, they are versatile. You can either buy them or make your own.
These rust free metal railing pots are made of galvanized steel and are great for east and west faced balcony gardens, which don’t receive afternoon sun as metal warms up easily.
Use tall planters like these to save horizontal space on balcony or terrace.
If you have a small patio, terrace or balcony garden, use vertical space smartly. Hanging pots on wooden plank or pallet or door is a good idea to use it.
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