If You DO all these things Before 7AM, You Will Have the Most amazing Garden

Do a few of these chores in your garden in the EARLY morning, and you’ll see incredible results in no time!

1. Watering
Plants do better if watered in the early morning. At this time the sun starts to rise and day remains cool, and water is absorbed into the soil pretty well without the evaporation. Plants that are hydrated are better equipped to withstand the midday sun but if they’re watered in the hot midday sun the most of the water lost through evaporation, and this can also scorch the leaves. One more benefit of early morning watering is that the leaves become dried until the night approaches, which means fewer diseases and insects.

2. Pesticide or fertilizer application

Never apply the pesticide or even the foliage fertilizer during the heat of the day, which means late morning or afternoon. The best time to use the pesticides or fertilizer is in the early morning until 7 am or in the dusk. Both the time are perfect because the sun has not risen during this time frame. It’s the same phenomenon like above. The plants absorb the applied liquid fertilizer or pesticide best in an early morning.

3. Weeding

At the morning time when the soil remains moist and cool, weeding your garden becomes easy as the unwanted
plants you don’t desire in your garden pulls out quickly. Also, the morning time can be very relaxing, and during a quick walk in your garden, you can remove the plants invading your space without any difficulty.

4. Cut flowers
Love to have vases full of fresh and colorful cut flowers? Early morning is actually the best time for you to pick cut flowers from your garden. At this time, the stems are full of water, and they haven’t been dehydrated by the sun. If you cut your flowers in the morning, they will have a longer vase life.

5. Harvesting
Whether you need to harvest a little or bountiful, the best harvesting time comes in the early morning. Just after the dew has cleared is a perfect time. This is when the fruits and vegetables have the most water content, they taste better and have more shelf life. Here’s an interesting article to read, which informs you why harvesting in the morning is preferable.

6. Fill bird baths and bird feeders

Feeding the birds is one of the most joyous experiences that you can enjoy in your garden. Birds are the original early risers, and they like to eat early. They come first to the place where they always find the food. If you fill up your bird feeders in the early morning, birds will be more encouraged to come to your garden throughout the day. You may get to see some of them frolicking in the bird bath too if you have filled it as well.

7. Planting and transplanting
The best planting or transplanting time is on a cool or cloudy day, either early in the morning or the evening. This gives your transplants a time to set and acclimate well.

8. Take cuttings for propagation
The best time to take cuttings for propagation is early in the morning. According to Ann on garden.org— “The plants’ natural rooting hormones are highest up on the tips of the plants in the morning, so you stand a better chance of propagation by taking your cuttings as early as you can.”
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