This Amazing Natural Pesticide Recipe Is So Effective You Can Get Rid Of Pests In No Time

This homemade pesticide recipe is CHEMICAL FREE, all natural and easy to prepare. 5 effective ingredients together and your plants will be free of pests.

We all know how harmful chemical pesticides are, for the ecosystem and our environment. And after knowing all that if you’ve thought to go organic and looking for some natural ways to get rid of garden pests, you’re on right track.

Commercial pesticides are one of the most effective ways to tackle the problem of pest infestation but if you want to use homemade natural pesticides like this one, use it regularly for better results.
You can apply this amazing pesticide using the sprayer on your vegetable garden and herbs suffering from common pests and really it does work. Once in a week is sufficient, however, if the invasion of insects is way too much to handle you can apply more frequently. Once the plants start to recover, use it in every 2 weeks or so to get rid of pesky pests.
Things You’ll Need2 Whole Garlic Heads (Separate and peel the cloves)2 Tablespoon Turmeric powder2 Tablespoon Cayenne pepper (Or use any other hot pepper variety)2 Small Squirts of Dishwashing Liquid3 Cups of Mint Leaves (Sprigs included)12 Cups of WaterPreparationStep 1
Add garlic and mint to crush it in a food processor for a few seconds. Once done, add the water (in the quantity mentioned above) and pepper to the mixture.

Step 2
Transfer the mixture into a pot or boiler to boil this solution for a few minutes.
Step 3
Once boiled, remove from heat and let this sit overnight. That’s all, your natural pesticide spray is ready.
Step 4
Now strain the solution and add the liquid dish soap into it. Keep the solution into a bottle or sprayer.

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How to Use it
Shake well before using it every time. Spray the solution all over the leaves of affected plants, don’t forget the undersides. The best time to use it when the day is cloudy, preferably in the evening or in the early morning.
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