Organize Your Garden Shed

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The early spring might be the best time of year to get out and organize your garden shed… The best part is that it gets you out in the garden, even though there is little to do in the way of planting and caring for your garden space. Oh, yea, it also saves you time, money and aggravation. But really, it gets you out in the garden, and when can that ever be a bad thing?

Seriously, getting your garden shed organized will make a big difference once the growing season is in full swing. You won’t spend hours looking for that twine to tie up the beans, you won’t run out to buy an expensive new rake, only to find the perfectly serviceable old one in the back of the shed behind the mower, and you most of all, it will allow you to utilize your precious gardening time for just that…gardening! So use these tips and ideas to organize your garden shed or space!

The way I see it, you can do this in three steps…

Step one – Organize the big stuff!

For your large tools, keeping them from falling all over the floor, or even hurting someone is key. This is a DIY solution to tool storage. Cut pieces of scrap PVC pipe into sections, then screw into the wall as shown. Label if desired. Find the tutorial here at AshBee Design.

Gardenista shows us how to round up a garden shed with a roll of velcro!

And also, using a peg system to store your gardening tools on the wall.

Step two- Organize the small stuff!

Using an old toilet paper holder to keep string and twine right where you left it… clever!

Use old crates to create shelving and storage areas. This is really useful where you cannot attach storage to a wall, like around a window.

From Our Little Acre, again using recycled wood, this pallet project for garden shed storage is so smart and creative. You could add as many hooks as you needed for all your hand tools.

Step Three-  Organize the process! What do I mean by that? Get your head in the game… For example…

Use ribbon and clothespins to to keep track of the garden chores by month… Thanks BHG !

Finally, keep a calendar in your garden shed… and not just to keep track of the chores! Mark down when your lilacs bloomed this year, whether the zinnias looked good next to the zebra grass, and what week in July the potato beetles attacked. Few of us remember to write these things down once we get back to the house, and this kind of information can be invaluable to a gardener. Oh, and yes, you should also write down the chores. ;)

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