When Should I Plant What?


When thinking about planting seeds, sometimes it can be confusing. What should I plant when? Well, the answer is… there are a lot of different answers! What to plant when depends on your location and zone, your weather, and your planting method. Some seeds must be started indoors early, and others can be planted right out in the garden. Here are our picks for seed starting calendars so you know just what to plant when!  Our feature photo above comes from Anne at ‘The Micro Gardener’. She has compiled a list of garden planting calendars and resources you shouldn’t miss.

First thing you need to know is your growing “zone”. In the US, you can find your zone for your state and area by visiting the ‘USDA” website. If you need to find out your frost dates, you can use this chart from ‘Food Skills and Self Sufficiency‘.

Next, you want a way to keep track of what you plant, and a place to hold onto any printable calendars and resources. I recommend a garden journal. You can buy one at any bookstore, or you download the free printable garden journal from ‘About.com’ and simply slip it into a binder cover.

Margaret Roach from ‘A Way to Garden’ has a program you can use to help you no matter what zone you garden in. All you have to know is your approximate last frost date. You plug that date into her planting calculator, and it tells you the best dates to plant from seed indoors, or to transplant or plant from seed outdoors. She has both veggies and annual flowers on her calculator for you. Margaret has been a garden writer for both Newsday and Martha Stewart Living.

From ‘Anglican Home’, this vegetable planting cheat sheet  gives you info on what to plant when, also ideas on container planting and companion planting as well!

Many vegetables can be planted for winter harvest… it’s not just spring that these decisions have to be made! ‘Territorial Seeds‘ has a winter gardening planting calendar for a general idea on when, and what to plant for winter harvest. If you live in a severe winter climate, check with your local nursery to verify these dates.

So no matter where you live or what you plant, here are the garden planting calendars and resources to get the right plant, into the right spot, at the right time!
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