Step by Step! : DIY Garden Steps and Stairs


Unless your yard and garden is perfectly flat, chances are at one time or another, you’ve thought, “wouldn’t some steps be nice there?” Or even more ambitiously, stairs? Steps and stairs make getting around the yard easier, of course. But they also lead the eye through the garden, and give it structure. You can add DIY steps and stairs to your garden with these tutorials and inspirational ideas. Walk around your garden and evaluate… what space could be made better by even just 3-5 steps or stairs, and what slope could be transformed into usable garden space? Check out these ideas!

Our feature project above and below, is from ‘2 Minute Gardener’. This tutorial on making landscape timber stairs helps guide you through this project, and be sure to read through the comment section for some additional tips. They recommend these type of substantial stairs for a larger property, or a large slope.

From ‘BHG Australia’ learn how to build outdoor stairs. This is similar project to above, but the directions and materials are a little simpler, and probably better for the average size yard. Lots of step by step (no pun intended!) photos!

Learn to build brick and paver stairs from ‘DIY Network’. Materials list, step by step, photos…

From ‘Pinterest‘, this homeowner also used brick trim on the edges of these concrete steps to add interest… Details count!

Railroad tie steps have long been used by creative gardeners, but have had some controversy as of late. Nico Lock has a maintenance free version of the “ties” that can be used in garden construction of steps. From ‘Houzz‘ via ‘NicoLock‘.

Recycle old timbers and make something like this hillside sidewalk and stairs from ‘Ohio Thoughts’. They decided to pour concrete in each step, but also considered pea gravel. Lots of personal experience and instructions.

Another example of recycling, using broken concrete to create stairs, from ‘EnviroMom’. This isn’t a complete tutorial, but a great idea that DIY’ers could take inspiration from.

Want to use stone slabs? I’ll be honest, I love stone steps. But no lie… you need a professional for this job. And a tractor. :) From ‘Robinson Landscaping‘…

Already have stairs, but they are just too boring? Take a cue from artist ‘Kim Larson’, and create  mosaic stairs!

Finally, from ‘One Specialty’, use concrete slabs to create a contemporary look with these floating concrete stairs…

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