Creative Garden Sign Ideas and Projects


I love a little charm and whimsy in the garden, don’t you? And the garden is also the perfect place for a homemade DIY project as well. What better way to accomplish both things than with a garden sign you make yourself? Using one of these ideas, or a cute or inspirational quote of your own, make a garden sign for your special space that matches your personality. And consider using repurposed materials. The garden is a great place to implement habits that help keep our planet healthy, one project at a time. Ok, I’m off to the garden to plan my sign! Our feature project, above, is a DIY market sign from ‘Simply Chic’. The tutorial is short and easy, because the project is short and easy! You see signs like these in shops selling for $30- $50 all the time, and she made this from leftover wood and some stencils. Chic for cheap!

From ‘The Elegant Nest’, this hand painted garden sign is easier than it looks! Tutorial and step by step photos. She learned the technique from ‘Miss Mustard Seed‘, and you should pop on over to her site as well, she is one of the Queens of painted furniture! Great job on this sign by Laura!

‘The Country Chic Cottage‘ made this “Grow” garden sign in less than 10 minutes! I think we all can find 10 to make something this cute.

Carlene at ‘Organized Clutter Queen’ has tons of great garden sign ideas for you! And the rest of her site is a great resource, make sure you look around!

Ok, this one is my favorite! ‘The Little Green Bean’ has a complete how-to for this cute outdoor sign… This saying always makes me smile!

Now that you have the technique down, use these as great inspirations! I love these two from The Haunted Garden!

From ‘The Gardening Cook‘!

We actually found this one on Ebay, but I love the tool its hanging from so much, we had to include it!

These are from an online shop called ‘Second Shout Out‘…

Lastly, from ‘This Ivy House’, love this chalkboard garden sign.. another great use for chalkboard paint!
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