Got Stones? Creative, Easy and Artsy Ways to Use Rocks in the Garden

Got stones?  Most of our #gardens have stones and rocks that we could do without. Our gardens here at TGG are full of them. Hauling them away is backbreaking and expensive! Whether you have just a couple pretty rocks, or are practically living in a stone quarry, here are some great ideas for using rocks in the garden creatively! (Shoot, you may love these ideas enough to actually bring stones into your garden!)

Rock Feet

Creating rock feet has taken Pinterest by storm (see photo above), and I must admit, it appeals to my family side, but doesn’t look too cutesy. Love this! Instructions are pretty self explanatory. You could use construction adhesive to lock them into place as well. Source: My Modern Met


Create mosaic art with stones on planters, stepping stones, or even in the ground as an accent to your plantings! Lay out your stones in the desired pattern first, then transfer to your surface and attach with construction adhesive. Check out the tutorial over at ‘Jeffrey Gardens’.


A cairn is essentially a man made pile of stones, originally a Scottish tradition to note a landmark, or a memorial. They can be lovely testaments to nature within the garden, are easily made, and can be added to over time as a tradition of the home. Source: Houzz

Bugs for Kids

Remember the pet rock? There are a lot of cute and easy ideas for painting pet “bug” rocks that make a garden a delight for young and old alike. Great way to bring kids into the joy of gardening. Not sure of the source of this cute photo below. If anyone knows, please let us know in comments.

Dragonfly Stones

Another kids favorite, but great for any garden where nature has a hand. Pick up some simple gems, sequins and spark lies at the dollar shop or craft store. Choose a stone that’s slightly larger than the dragonfly you wish to create, and about the right shape. Lay out your sparklies until you have a design you like, then transfer and attach with construction adhesive. Looks cute tucked into some long grass, or in a ground-cover to partially hide the stones edges. This one from ‘Wisconsin Made’ gives you the idea or you can buy it from them here.

Inspiration Stones

Simple! Pretty stones, pretty saying, paint pen. Display on a walkway, piled in a planter, or tucked next to special #plants as secret garden surprises. A great example are these inspiration stones. #DIY them or buy them from ‘Elizabeth’s Embellishments’.

Creatively using stones and rocks in the garden is an inexpensive way to add a touch of whimsy and creativity, yet keep your garden space natural. Oh yea, and now you don’t have to pay the chiropractor!
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