Plant: Silver dollar vine

When I first saw a Xerosicyos danguyi, or Silver Dollar Vine, I was at a nursery in S and even though it meant bringing it on a 1200 mile road trip back to L, I had to have it! With it’s round succulent leaves in the perfect shade of matte green, it’s definitely a star in my unusual plant collection. A member of the cucumber family (what!?!), native to Madagascar, this plant has a few specific needs, but as long as you cover those, it can definitely be easy to grow. Beyond it’s basic needs, if it has something to attach it’s tendrils to, the Xerosicyos danguyi is a great climber, so it makes a great plant to cover a fence or trellis outdoors, or just add some extra jungalicious-ness indoors.
Silver Dollar Vine/Dollar Vine (Xerosicyos danguyi)

WATER: Plant in well draining soil (a cacti/succulent mix works well) , in a pot with good drainage. In warmer weather when the plant is actively growing, allow soil to dry out before watering- a good soak once a month or so is usually enough. In cooler months, water less- if the leaves start to look slightly shriveled, it’s time to water.

SUNLIGHT: Bright indirect light to full sun. If not kept in full sun, be extra cautious to avoid overwatering.

PLACEMENT: As it matures, this looks great as a hanging plant, especially if given something to climb on. Also looks great outdoors (and will grow quickly and spread out) if you live in a warm climate.

EXTRA CREDIT: This plant is easy to propagate via softwood (aka the young, flexible shoot tips) cuttings. Simply allow the cut end to callus over, then pot in soil. If you can’t find a Xerosicyos danguyi where you live, many online plant suppliers carry them.

WORD OF CAUTION: The ASPCA does not have information on whether the Xerosicyos danguyi is toxic to pets. As always, use caution and consult your vet before bringing a new plant into your home.
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