How to Identify Grape Plants

Miss Chen
Grapes are considered to be fruit of the kings, a delight that only noblemen once enjoyed. Today, grapes are valued for their antioxidant juice, beneficial flesh and the grand architecture of the vines. Identifying grape vines will assist you in taking the proper steps in caring for your vine. Certain grape vines can withstand harsh winters; some do not. Correctly identifying your grape plants is important when gardening your vines.

Step 1

Touch and review the leaves of the foliage on the vine. The ever-famous concord grape vine has a teardrop-shaped leaf that encompasses the size of six to seven grapes. The niagra grape vine has a leaf that is shaped like a maple leaf, but with jagged edges all the way around. The leaf is nearly the size of the bunch of grapes that hangs beside it. Note your findings; include the size, softness, and thickness of the leaf.

Step 2

Determine the colors of the vine. The alden grape vine has yellowish-green foliage and a deep purple, almost blue-toned berry. The bokay grape vine consists of white to very pale green berries and a bright green leaf. Make notes on how purple, red, blue or white the flesh of the berry is. This factor is important because the hues within the grape itself are the only hues the vine will produce.

Step 3

Open the grape to see if it is a seeding variety or not. The delight grape vine produces pale green grapes that are seedless. On the other hand, the steuben grape vine does have seeds within the berries. Record this distinction along with the size and color evaluations you have made.

Step 4

Snap a picture of your vine when at first bloom, while it is full of berries, and during dormancy. Grape vines may appear to resemble one grape variety, such as the true purple-toned concord and steuben, and may fool the eye. However, the foliage of the steuben turns a strong red in the fall. This difference is valuable when determining the variety.

Step 5

Cross reference your findings with a reputable grape information website like Ron J. Lombough's grape varieties. There are many grape species and hybrids; therefore a quality source will help you determine the exact cultivar of your vine.
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