How to Grow a Bean Plant in a Cup

Miss Chen
There are several reasons for growing a bean plant in a cup. This method is commonly used to demonstrate the growing process in classroom settings because the plants germinate and sprout quickly, while requiring very little care. Some gardeners use this method as a way to begin growing plants before outdoor growing conditions are favorable. Whatever the reason, there are a few guidelines to follow in order to produce a healthy bean plant.

Step 1

Obtain seeds for the type of bean plant you would like to grow from a local seed supplier. Dried beans from a grocery store can also be used, although these may not germinate properly because they have been processed to be eaten, rather than to be grown.

Step 2

Fill an 8-oz. Styrofoam cup to the top with soil. Make sure not to pack the soil down into the cup.

Step 3

Create a hole in the soil at the center of the cup by pressing one finger into the soil to a depth of 1 inch.

Step 4

Place the bean in the bottom of the hole. Fill in the hole with soil and lightly compress the soil so that it is no longer loose. Do not compress the soil too much, or the roots and other growing parts will be hindered as they try to grow through the soil.

Step 5

Water the seed gently by sprinkling enough water on the soil to moisten it. Beans grow best in soil that is moist, rather than wet.

Step 6

Place the cup in a location that will receive sunlight for at least six to eight hours a day and water as needed for the soil to stay moist.
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