How to Ship Avocados

Miss Chen
Over 90 percent of the worlds avocados are grown in California. In order to safely get the avocados across the country, and even across the world, the avocados must be shipped properly. If shipping the avocados for retail purposes, there are specific temperatures, containers and guidelines that must be followed. But for those who are only transporting avocados to friends and family, the shipping process is relatively simple.

Step 1

Pick the avocados. The easiest way to cut the avocados down is by using long clippers.

Step 2

Immediately transport the avocados to a refrigerator. This will seal in the freshness and prevent the avocados from fully ripening and possibly going bad.

Step 3

Pack the avocados in cartons called lugs. If this form of carton is not available, pack the avocados in a way so they will not shake, move around and become bruised, such as wrapping them in paper.

Step 4

Place the carton of avocados in a container that is safe to contain dry ice and add the dry ice. This will keep the avocados cool during the shipping process. If access to a refrigerated truck or plane is available, the dry ice is not necessary.
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