How to Stop Bugs From Eating Pepper Plants

Miss Chen
The dreaded aphid is only one of several leaf-eating insects that can take over your pepper plants and destroy your vision of an abundant pepper harvest. Dealing with chewing insects is one of the most difficult aspects of raising pepper plants, however there are a number of safe methods for getting rid of these insects and keeping your pepper plants healthy and thriving. Maintenance is generally required with any type of insect removal to prevent the insects from returning. Make your own insect spray to controls aphids, using common household items.

Use finely chopped garlic.
Finely chop the garlic with a knife on a cutting board. Measure the vegetable oil, garlic and hot sauce, and mix in a small bowl. Allow to stand overnight.

Pour mixture in a spray bottle.
Strain the mixture the following morning, and add the water. Add the dishwashing soap and stir gently with a mixing spoon. Pour mixture into a spray bottle.

Concentrate on the underside of plant leaves.
Spray the leaves of the pepper plants thoroughly with the solution. Concentrate the spray on the underside of the leaves, where chewing insects often appear. Repeat weekly or as necessary. Keep a close watch on the plants to make sure insects do not return. Store any unused mixture in a sealed container in your refrigerator for later use.
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